Friday, February 27, 2009

A Rather Morbid Reaction to Sunlight...

About a year or so ago, over at the Classic Horror Film Board, artist & actor Frank Dietz started an art challenge thread. Once a month Frank posts a topic, and anyone on the board can post their works of art, based on this topic. I decided at the beginning of 2009, I would begin taking part in this challenge, because I want to refine my skills as an artist. It is NOT a contest. It's just an exercise, for fun, and there are a lot of great artists who contribute. Now, with all that explained, I share with you my submission for February 2009.
Topic/Subject: Vincent Price.
I had originally wanted to do something that would tie in with his ghost story records, but I never got that worked out like I wanted. So I decided to go with Verden Fell from 1964's 'The Tomb of Ligeia'. This is one of my favorite Vincent Price films and I have wanted to draw up something from it, for awhile now. 


  1. Those glasses make him look so COOL.

  2. Hats & glasses usually give me the most trouble when drawing. This had both, I'm surprised it turned out okay. Vincent IS cool.