Monday, August 17, 2009

The Gorgon

I've been watching this film a lot lately. The Gorgon (1964) from Hammer. This is a film I had only seen once a long time ago, but did not own until last year when Sony released it's four Hammer Horrors DVD set. I love the atmosphere in this film and the music is terrific as well.
As an extra added bonus, I've included a trailer for The Gorgon, for your viewing pleasure!!


  1. Wow....I've never seen that before. So she is like Medusa then? I loved that trailer, that was great. I would like to see the whole thing. I also love the narration!

    Your image is great....creepy, but great...ha! It seems like it would be hard to do....what with 12 faces and all...ha! :o) Thanks for sharing both the art and the movie!

  2. The Gorgon in this film is Megera, she is one of Medusa's sisters. I'm glad you enjoyed the trailer. I think I'm going to start including some trailers when I do Hammer Horror pieces.

    I'm happy to hear her creepiness comes across in the drawing, Thanks!
    Yeah, drawing in the snakes was very tedious for me. But necessary to complete her 'look'!

  3. Magera was one of the Furies in Greek mythology. Hammer films obviously liked the name enough for their Gorgon. It's a beautiful haunting film. Very nice drawing.