Saturday, March 27, 2010

Plague of the Zombies

A bit of late news: Little Shoppe of Horrors #23 featuring 'Plague of the Zombies' & 'The Reptile' was released in September 2009. This was the second time I've had my art appear in LSoH's and a great thrill for me, since I love the magazine & adore Hammer so much. So why am I only getting around to posting about it now? Well, basically there were two major reasons. One: I had just started a new job after being unemployed for about 2 1/2 months and Two: I was busy trying to prepare for the Halloween Blog Countdown. Then after that came the Holidays... By then I had forgotten about the fact that I hadn't posted it.
I recently completed a few new pieces for the up coming Little Shoppe of Horrors #24, which will focus on the Mummy films that Hammer made. I'll be posting that art later on when the magazine is actually released.

Also... If you haven't vote for the Rondo yet, now would be the time. Voting will be over in about a weeks time.


  1. I LOVE YOUR WORK...yes all caps! art you are going to be my new best friend!

  2. Hey - great art! I'll be back for more soon... :)

  3. Thanks so much!! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my stuff!

  4. Ade - I always love your work for LSoH! The Reptile inside cover was beautiful!!

  5. Question; I am doing a series of chapbooks that have a wraparound cover. They are in quantities of 100 and for the first two I gave my cover artist 20 of the copies to keep, giveaway or sell themselves. He has since moved on to other projects and didn;t want to do the third one.
    Anychance you would be interested in doing the cover for The Penultimate Machinations of Fu-Manchu? It has Waldemar Daninsky in it.
    Lete me know via the Google thing.

  6. I've been missing your sketches, but, yay, it was worth the wait :)
    Love it!! (of course, I still haven't found a single piece by you I don't like :D)

  7. Thanks Belle. I wish there was more color opportunities in the mag.Your work demands color reproduction. You should ask Dick if you can get a cover page.


  8. Thank you Cristina!! I'm going to try to be a more productive person & tend to my blog like I should. I've just been so busy!

    Ade, Yes, it would be nice if LSoH's had some color pages. I would like to do a cover, if the opportunity should arise. But for now, I'm just doing interior stuff. The pieces I did for the Mummy issue are in color, but very minimal use of it. I didn't want to do them as just BW pieces, but I wanted them to look good in BW, as well as in color. I'll be posting those soon.