Sunday, October 24, 2010

Teacher's Pet: The Tale of the Tell-Tale Taffy

Halloween is right around the corner, so how about a cartoon. 'Teacher's Pet' was a great animated show created by Gary Baseman that ran from 2000-2002. I loved this show, I used to watch it on ABC Saturday mornings. I wanted to share one of my favorite episodes, a Halloween episode (of course), 'The Tale of the Tell-Tale Taffy'. Leonard & his dog Spot (who is living a double life pretending to be a boy named Scott) go out trick or treating across the street, against his mother's orders. While Leonard & Scott are out trick or treating, the family cat (Mr. Jolly) & family bird (Pretty Boy) are dealing with new visitor. A cat named 'Spooky', who Mr. Jolly is convinced is a vampire.
Spooky is voiced by the great Tim Curry, and I did a quick drawing of the character in lieu of a still shot:


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