Friday, January 28, 2011

Strange Love

I've been in a big fat creative rut this month. The weather has been terrible, my 'real' job has been stressing me out more than usual, and I've been in a funk because I haven't produced anything new in a while. I have some outstanding & looming projects that I need to get finished, so in an attempt to get some creative spark, I decided that I would take the time to work up a finished piece based on a sketch I did recently of Yutte Stensgaard as 'Mircalla' from the film 'Lust for a Vampire' (1970).
'Lust for a Vampire' has never really been a favorite of mine, but it's been growing on me. This is the second film in Hammer's 'Karnstein' trilogy. The first being 'The Vampire Lovers' (my favorite), and the third being 'Twins of Evil'. I've been on a 70's Hammer Horror kick this month, triggered by the recent DVD release of 'Vampire Circus' (1972) to DVD/BluRay. I enjoyed 'Vampire Circus' so much, I decided to go back and re-visit some of the Hammers from that time period, that I don't really watch as often as some of the earlier films. Re-watching 'Lust' I find that I actually do enjoy it. It might not be as good as 'Lovers' but it does have it's own charm. And Ralph Bates, who I never tire of looking at.


  1. Beautiful job on the Yutte portrait! You are one of my favorite artists, Belle Dee.

    I love VAMPIRE CIRCUS too. Was lucky enough to see it in a theater twice--once in its original release when I was 10 or 11 (!) and last year at a drive-in!

  2. I have Strange love to Hammer´s 1970´s output, both Vampire Circus and (despite it´s hardcore title and overall silliness) Lust for a Vampire.

  3. Love this Strange Love! Wonderful illustration.
    Great movies. One of my favourites from that time period,speaking of Bates (and Beswick ), is Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde, I've watched that one a lot.. Still haven't picked up the Vampire Circus. Sorry about your rut, I myself have had miserable January creatively.

  4. I really like this piece; captures the Hammer-ism of the film nicely with just a touch of Saturday morning (at least that's what I see).

  5. Thanks everyone!!

    Drazen, I've been wanting to re-watch 'Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde' again, it's been a very long time since I've seen it and it's one of those Anchor Bay Hammer DVD's that's no longer in print. I could kick myself for not getting it long ago. If I ever find it for $20 or so, I'll grab one for sure. It's on the Netfilx streaming, so I'm probably going to watch it on that. I'm sure I'll get out of the rut. I think I just needed some downtime.

    Bleaux Leaux, you're right on target! That's pretty much the look I'm going for! Hammer Horror: The Animated Series.