Friday, August 17, 2012

Halloween on the Brain

Well, I've been dreaming about Halloween. For the past two weeks, I've been doodling away, drawing cats, pumpkins, witches, owls, skulls and the like. And I can see by my calendar that I have about a month & a half, to get my act together before the Countdown to Halloween begins. That seems like plenty of time, but it's easy to let it slip away from you. I decided that I'll have a minimum of 7 original Halloween inspired art pieces that will appear on the countdown. Maybe more if I get super inspired. But 7 pieces is part of my scheduled plan. With all the sketching I've been doing though, I'm finding it hard to commit to spending time to working on a final piece. Maybe it's because I just don't want sit at a computer for hours on end right now. Also many of these need a little more of something, that I just don't have yet. I'm waiting for an inspirational flash!

I will say that I already have one piece done. A well-dressed pumpkin man, who will also be featured on the Doo Wacka Doodles Halloween banner this year. I think he's super cool, and I can't wait to share him! But we all have to wait, until the last day of September...


  1. Thanks! Let's hope I can get them finished! Or some of them anyway. I have lots of cat sketches this year, but I'm trying to mix it up with different stuff.