Saturday, September 1, 2012

Angelique of Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows'

I'm a 'rogue' artist over at the fantastic site 'Planet-Pulp', and it's been awhile since I've participated in any of their monthly online art shows. I've wanted to, but I've had other things on my plate. The theme for August was 'Femme Fatales' and I couldn't shake the thought that I really wanted to do a piece based on Angelique from the Tim Burton 'Dark Shadows' film. Angelique was played by actress Eva Green and in my opinion, her performance alone makes the film worth watching. She is my favorite part of the movie. Here's a great clip with her:

ALSO, I can't believe it's September! It sure doesn't feel like it here. The weather was sort of pleasant, almost fall-ish. Then it got hot again and has been that way for the past few days. Blah! But it is now one month until the official 'Countdown to Halloween' begins. I've got a lot of work to do before then, so it will probably be pretty quite on the blog until the end of September. Then things will get spooky!


  1. Can't wait to see your stuff. Your Angelique piece is groovy good, and you're right, she was great in the movie too! And DS should be coming out on DVD in October too. Something else in addition to your artwork to look forward to. Have a great weekend! :o)

  2. Thanks Wendy! I'll be picking up the Dark Shadows DVD (or BluRay) when it comes out next month for sure. Actually there are a lot of DVDs coming out in the next month or two that I really want to get. Including the original Dark Shadows movies, 'House of Dark Shadows' & 'Night of Dark Shadows'.