Friday, April 12, 2013

Cut Paper Artist

As I mentioned last week, ZaPow had a group show opening on Friday, April 5. The show is 'Space and Time Trifecta' art inspired by Doctor Who, Star Wars & Star Trek. I did three pieces: One Doctor Who & two Star Trek pieces. I was very thrilled to learn that all of them have sold!

I forgot to scan or take photos before I took them down to the gallery, so I had to get some pics at the show opening. I also wanted to mention that while I was working on these, I was watching 'Star Trek' the animated series on repeat. And I loved it!

And earlier in the year, I was in Gallery 1988's 'Young Adult' show (here's the flyer)

I did this Nancy Drew piece that also sold opening weekend.

I'm very encouraged by the positive response to my cut paper work, and I'd really like to expand and do more. Especially with some of my Halloween art. 

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