Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hammer's Curse of Frankenstein

Here's a piece that I did back in May, based on the Hammer film 'Curse of Frankenstein', kind of in the same style as my Universal Monsters & Mates pieces.

It's been awhile since I've been on the blog, and you can expect things to be pretty slow until September. I'm going through some major shifts in my life right now, and it's not easy to spend time working on new art. I HOPE that once things are leveling out for me, I'll be able to get back to doing what I love most.

I am beginning to sketch all new Halloween art for the countdown this year, only 3 more months!


  1. Hey Girl...
    Well I have been away for the last six months, and just now getting some time to start posting...have been really busy and doing a lot of home renovations etc. And I've pretty much quit FB altogether, so I rarely know what's going on with anyone anymore. Glad to see you are still out there doing what you do so well, love your Frankie image above! Fangastic as always!

    I miss you and I look forward to communing some during the Autumn season. Can't wait to see what you come up with this Halloween. Stuff is already starting to pop up in the stores down here...boy did this past year FLY BY! I've been making a concerted effort to start creating and saving posts just for the Countdown, since I was such a miserable failure with it last year...ha! Okay...hope you are doing well, we'll have to touch base more in depth sometime soon. :o) ~ W

    1. Hey! I'd been thinking about you. It's been awhile indeed!
      I'll have to send you an email some time soon things around here are pretty crazy.
      Good to see you back posting. Halloween is not too far away! I can't believe it, time really does seem to fly by.