Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Witch Livia & Her Imp

I love Roger Corman's 'The Undead' (1957). I really wish this film would get an official DVD release, because I know that my crappy VHS copy will not last forever! Although it's holding up pretty well. The witch Livia is one of my favorite horror cinema characters ever. Livia was played by the gorgeous Allison Hayes and her Imp was played by Billy Barty.


  1. First, I somehow missed this blog I guess. I knew about Oh So Spooky, but I didn't realize you were blogging over here. Secondly, I also missed the white border around this image on FB. I like how the feet and head stick out giving it a 3D feel. And I already told you I loved the colors...hooray for orange and black! :o)

  2. Thanks! I liked the idea of the two characters breaking the frame. One breaking at the top, the other at the bottom. And I've been using a lot of blues & greens in my color palettes, so I wanted to try something more on the warm side.
    I don't have a website for my art so I set this up to use as a substitute.