Sunday, December 13, 2009

Twilight Madness??

Here's something I know nothing about. 'Twilight'. I decided to go ahead and do a piece for this weeks Art Jumble topic & this is what happened to be the topic. My feelings about this final piece are luke warm. Lately I'm finding myself unable to get excited about my personal work. Hopefully that will change soon. I think I'm beginning to pressure myself too much, thus the process isn't fun anymore. And that's bad, because it's suppose to be fun for me. That's why I started up drawing again. I am thinking about doing some pieces that are related to cartoons & toys from my childhood, that may prove to be quite fun. We shall see.
Any way, I've never seen 'Twilight' but I'll admit that I'm curious about all the hype. To get the general idea of what the first movie is about, I settled for the 30 Second Bunnies version.
No YouTube on this one, if you want to watch it, follow the link.

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