Friday, January 22, 2010

Herbert West, Tales of the Re-Animator

I recently did a tutorial for my friends & fellow board members at the CHFB, demonstrating how I put my pieces together. I started out showing how I do the basic drawing in Illustrator. I then followed it up by showing an alternate version with additional elements. I included links to other online tutorials that show how to do the battered pulp cover, battered comic cover, and a site that has some terrific fonts, free for personal use.

If you are interested in the tutorial I posted, go here.


  1. Thank you so much. I work in Adobe for my day job and never get to create anything this interesting. I really enjoyed seeing your process...inspired me greatly. Thank you!


  2. You're welcome! I learned a lot from using Illustrator and Photoshop at my day jobs. Since I started applying it to my own work, I've been having lots of fun trying out different stuff.

  3. i lost my day job, and i work in adobe stuff... thank you for the info...

  4. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your 'day job', iZombie.
    I lost my first day job that I had kept for 8 years, due to cut backs. Then a few months later, I got another one. It's part time and a long drive away, but it's been working out for now.
    Best of luck to you, I hope that you are able to find another job. If that's what you want. If I could, I wouldn't have a day job, but you know there are things like bills that I'm expected to pay! :D