Thursday, February 4, 2010


Just a quick post. Right now I'm busy working on a few pieces for the upcoming Little Shoppe of Horrors Mummy issue.

I finished this up last week for the CHFB monthly challenge which was 'Something New'. Well, I always do something new for the challenge, so I decided to take on a 'newer' subject as well. It's been snowing a lot in these here parts. I've seen more snow in the last month & a half than I have in years. Last Sunday, I slipped and fell on my foot, so I've been hobbling around all week. I was just glad nothing was broken. But with all this snow, it makes me want to watch all of my horror DVD's that have a winter backdrop. One of these is 2007's '30 Days of Night'. I really like this film, I know that some don't. But I thought it was an interesting idea and I really felt like the vampires were actually frightening. No romantic vampires here, just killers. I especially liked the head vampire, Marlow, played by Danny Huston. So I decided that I would draw him for the challenge. Well, I best get back to my mummy business.....


  1. That is one of the scariest Vampire movies of all time! And YES, They are not romantic! Just really HUNGRY!!!!!
    You did a great job creating Marlow....enjoyed the posting!
    Bugs & Hisses

  2. Wish I could say something like back to my mummy business :D:D
    Very good one, much better than Templesmith's comics in my humble opinion. All your sketches rock! Good work.
    Well, back to play with my robots ;)

  3. Thanks Patty & Cristina!

    I was very impressed by the vampires in this film, and how scary they were. From their look to the way moved. And the idea that they were coming into that town to just kill everybody, and then burn the town to the ground, just brutal.

    I've been slacking on the Mummy business. I'm stuck in a rut and I can't get out. Help!