Sunday, September 11, 2011

Halloween shopping at Target

Look at that nosey cat!

There's a feeling of fall creeping in now, and I LOVE it! Yesterday, I suggested to my husband that we take a trip out to one of the local Target stores to see if they were putting out Halloween stuff yet. So away we went! This particular Target has a Starbucks, so I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season.

Now, I've always been a big fan of Target's Halloween t-shirts for girls/women, but this year's selection blows, as far as I'm concerned (more on that closer to the Halloween Countown, I have a rant planned). This shirt however, was pretty cool. It's from the little boy's section.

So as I suspected, the Halloween stuff was only creeping in at Target. I did get this great photo of the pegboard backdrop.

They had one aisle set up with stuff, the Jack o' Lantern theme, that looks just like what they did last year. But I do like these.

They have some spooky silhouettes on the aisles. Here's one. An owl marking the 'Candy Alternatives' section.

What does 'Candy Alternatives' mean? HALLOWEEN OREOS!!! And yes, I bought some. I really should have waited, but once I get through the current bag, I WILL NOT buy another one until next month, I swear.

Candy display encourages you to 'Be the GOOD House'.

Whee! Look at me!

Still waiting to see more, maybe next weekend we can go to the other Target. My total haul was light. The two plastic Halloween pumpkins you see my cat trying to crawl into, and a bag of Halloween Oreos. I really wanted some monster cereals, but they don't have those out yet either. I did buy these, not Halloween related, but totally bitchin' none the less.


  1. One of my favorite things about this time of year is walking through the Halloween displays--especially love the Halloweeen Super-Stores--and getting inspiration plus a heady dose of nostalgia.

  2. Target is one of my favorite Halloween haunts, Belle! I've been a bit disappointed the past two years with their uninspired marketing campaigns, but really hoping this year they step it up... gotta get my Boo Berry fix! :D

  3. Belle,

    I totally want those glasses!(and a pumpkin spice latte doesn't sound half bad either!) The Halloween stores have stated popping up all over, and I can't wait to go in and look at all the cool stuff.


  4. I wonder if I could persuade my local Target to give me those displays when they're done with them? I'd love to have that owl, as well as the pegboards!

  5. Very cool. I am going to my local Target today. The Halloween stuff should be out by now. The displays were being built a week ago when I was there. I need some pumpkin pop tarts.

  6. Ha...we did the EXACT same thing ya'll did last weekend, with the exception being that I got a Pumpkin Spice Mocha Frappucino! We hit up the Target too and I swear I took some of the very same photoa. I had to laugh thinking we were probably stalking around our respective Targets at the very same time! Great Halloween minds think alike! Don't know if I'll post any of my pics or not....I'm crazy busy right now. But Halloween is now in full swing....woo hoo! Is it getting any cooler up there yet?

  7. PS...I SO SO SO SOooooo want their Halloween displays after the season is over. I love the Owl! But Target is a mean old store and refuses to give them away....they just destroy them instead. It won't stop me from begging and pleading again, but I'm sure it will continue to get me no where! Oh I love thee and hate thee! ;o)

  8. Gill-Man, I don't know if you could or not. I've heard stories that they're not suppose to let anybody have that stuff when they are done. I guess it really depends on the store. You could try, let me know if you have any luck.

    Wendy, that Pumpkin Spice Mocha Frapp sounds great! I'll have to try that next time. Target sure are taking their sweet time about getting stuff out. BUT we went out to the other Target today, and although they do not have the full Halloween display up, I got to see some more of the decor stuff. Took some more pics, bought two things.

    Still no Monster Cereals!!! I need Monster Cereals!!

  9. Oh and Wendy, it is 58 degrees out right now. It's suppose to get back into the 70s, but it's been really pleasant. Not muggy at all.

  10. I am in love with their display materials this year, especially the 3D silhouette items that hang from the ceiling (the tree, the haunted house, etc).

    I was just reading about the attempt to get these; I had tried the same thing a couple of weeks back and nobody could really say what they do with them (tried to tell me they use them again which is preposterous). And then the Super Target had an obscene amount of them everywhere! I was sad - when I worked in the video/music store we used to give all that stuff away all the time...