Friday, September 16, 2011

Target, Part II. The Return.

The Husband and I took a trip out to the other local Target on Thursday. Much like the first Target, they still have a half Halloween, half Back-to-School section. However, I did get to see some new stuff. My husband ended up buying the super creepy mask you see above and was kind enough to model it for me & my camera.

First up a few shots of what they have as far as their more 'sophisticated' adult party stuff. They had a set of 'splattered' shot glasses (which would have been pretty cool if they were actual glass), and here's one:

A shot of some of the various items that go with this line:

A close up of the invitations & coasters:

Here's some more. Some year (maybe this one), I'm going to buy one of those skull cookie jars.

An nothing says 'Welcome' quite like a glitter covered doormat. 'I'd love for you to track glitter into my house! Come on in!"

Here's some more items with the Jack-o-Lantern design:

Super cute party stuff. The bat napkins are adorable.

So still no Monster Cereals. This Target didn't even have the Oreos yet (which was a good thing). I ended up buying a hand towel set, and a plastic cloth. These were with the adult party stuff. I love the pattern. I wish I could get fabric with this printed on it. I'd have to have a skirt made.


  1. I'd love to go to a Target. We don't have them in Canada, yet...

  2. Awesome stuff! Why don't I have unlimited funds??? Oh, and I saw all three Monster Cereals at Walgreens!

  3. Hey....I saw all 3 monster cereals at Walgreens. I thought of you. If I had known which one you like best, I would sent you a box. :o)

    Me thinks I like Target's Halloween Displays better than it's actual Halloween merchandise this year...ha!

  4. Leigh, it's not even as good as it used to be. You should check out Secret Fun Blog's post about Target's Halloween from 2003:

    I think we have a Walgreen's here, I'll have to check. Monster cereals will be plentiful soon enough I would imagine! Thanks for the heads up!