Sunday, March 4, 2012

New 'Monsters & Mates' piece

I got another of my 'Monsters & Mates' pieces done. This is #4, and it's from 1932's 'The Mummy'. So I'm now down to the last piece, 'The Wolf Man'. I have no idea if that one's going to come together or not. I've been doing sketches for it on and off for months and nothing looks good. Well, maybe it will come together soon. Doing these has been fun, so I will probably expand this idea a bit further. Maybe do 'Dracula's Daughter', 'The Black Cat', 'The Mummy's Curse'. Or maybe use this same style, but get into the Hammer films. I also thought about doing a series based on Val Lewton's films. I just don't know. I've got tons of other stuff to do, so we shall see which path I decide to take. That is, after the dreaded Wolf Man piece is done.


  1. I love your style Belle! The monster illustrations are great, I love the characterization! I'm looking forward to the Wolf Man :)

  2. Thanks Brandon!! I hope the Wolf Man turns out, I'm working on sketches for it now.