Saturday, February 22, 2014

Book Signing Party

Today I worked on this. I came up with the idea for this last year and had actually started working on it.  About a quarter through it, I decided that I didn't like it and that I needed to step away and/or start over. Then about two weeks ago, I came across some of my sketches of 'Corbis' (that's him on the left there), and decided that I wanted to at least complete a figure of him. Cause he's so ding-darn cute! I started him over from scratch, and when he was complete, I pulled up the piece I began last year to see if there was anything I could salvage from that file. I had saved some work I had done on Lavinia (her on the right), so I worked off of what I had already. With those two figures done, I thought it would be a shame to not just go ahead and do the Goat of Mendes, because then it would be complete. It's not what I had planned to spend my day working on, but oh well.

So this is 'Book Signing Party' and it features Corbis, the Ram from THE DEVIL'S RAIN 1975,  the Goat of Mendes from THE DEVIL RIDES OUT 1968, and Lavinia the witch from CURSE OF THE CRIMSON ALTER 1968.

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