Saturday, February 8, 2014

'Creepy Cute' Art Show opens tonight at ZaPow

14x18 Cradled Wood Panel, Posca Paint Markers & Acrylics $275

Tonight is the opening reception for gallery ZaPow's first group art show of 2014. The theme is 'Creepy Cute', and this little fella is my piece for the show. I had a couple of other ideas, but didn't manage to get them started in time. However, I will probably still do them, since I thought they were good ideas. Creepy cute is a really fun theme.

For this painted piece, a did a finished Illustrator version that was to serve as a reference for colors and also so I would have a digital version for other things. Other things like...... STICKERS! So be on the look out, I am planning to have goat stickers for sale very soon (fingers crossed). If these stickers do well, I hope to get more designs printed up.

Here is my digital goat piece, that will be used for the sticker. It will probably be a die cut and will not have this background. But I haven't decided just yet.

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