Monday, July 14, 2014


Hey Everybody! This coming Sunday is my birthday, and I thought that I might have a sale. Maybe I can make enough money to buy myself something nice.
So here's how the sale works:

Handy Dandy Instructions!

1) Pick out the two prints you want my clicking on the PayPal button for each print.

2) Once you select your prints, go to check out. When you are checking out there should be a place to add a note to seller. In that box, please write in 'Happy Birthday Belle Dee' and what print you would like for FREE!

You can ask about prints that I've had in the past, but don't have currently listed. Some include my Monsters & Mates series & my Dark Shadows pieces (Angelique & Quentin and Julia Hoffman). I have limited numbers of these.

Instead of a FREE print, you may also request this set of four monster head stickers

These are 3" round on vinyl. These are also limited.

I'm trying to not make this super complicated, but feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks and happy shopping!

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