Monday, July 7, 2014

Lovely Christina

Well, it's been about a month since I posted something new! Last week I completed this piece: Christina from the Hammer film 'Frankenstein Created Woman'. This was my third attempt at doing a piece featuring her, and I was thrilled to actually finish it! A few months back, I started doing a bunch of sketches for what I hoped would be a series of 'Big Head' Hammer Girls. They would all be in a similar style to Christina here. Hopefully I can get back to that project soon. I also have some new 'Kids of Horror' sketches done, that I want to finish before the summer is over.

But even though I want to finish these projects, I have but one thing on the brain right now... Halloween! Some might say it's too early to be thinking about such things, but I'm trying to prepare for the Countdown to Halloween now, so that I'm not scrambling the last week of September, trying to pull something together. Also I'm making a rather ambitious Halloween costume this year. I'll be starting that project pretty soon, since I only sort of know what I'm doing and I want to make sure I have time to troubleshoot & figure things out. Fingers crossed that I'll have pics to share for the countdown.

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