Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Collegeville Dime-Store Dolls

On Saturday, Oct. 4, ZaPow Gallery held an opening event for it's October/November group show entitled 'SPOOKY'. For this show I wanted to do something Halloween related, but not in the straight forward orange on black way. As part of my Countdown to Halloween back in 2009, I did a piece called 'Home From Collegeville', which was my tribute to the old plastic mask & smock costumes that use to be available in abundance from discount, dime & drug stores. I really liked the idea & thought it would be fun to do some new ones this year in cut paper. I've been working on designs for these, on and off for about a year. Finally I decided on these four:

And as you can see, only 2 of the 4 made the final cut. The problem was a color issue. Even though I did these Illustrator color comps, the actual paper color usually ends up being slightly different. When I had them all cut out and next to each other, the bottom two looked like they were a matching pair. The top two didn't really look like they went together, or with the ones on the bottom. I think I might have worked out how to fix the color problem, unfortunately, I didn't get it figured out in time for the show.

One of my favorite bits about these pieces is the backgrounds I made. It's basically a collage of Halloween newspaper ads from the 60s & 70s printed on card stock. Here are three of the background panels I made:

I made an extra two of these & I'm thinking of doing a Halloween Cat & maybe a Jack-o-Lantern. I love these backgrounds! They are so fun!

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