Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Halloween Ideals 1949 & 1952


  1. Nice! I'm looking forward to all you bring to this countdown.

  2. Hey Belle Dee....Happy October 1st to you! Those old Ideals pages are fab! I used to love looking at the Ideals books at my Grandmother's house. Of course the Autumn issues were always my favorites. Love your blog header art too. How's the color up your way? We are actually heading up there soon and I was hoping to see some color! And the temps...can I wear sweaters or is still too hot?

    1. Happy October!! The color up here is just starting. It's mostly still green, but I don't know about the higher elevations. Temp up here has been in 70s, but today it dropped to 50s & tonight it's suppose to be in the 30s. Fall just fell. Today is absolutely a sweater day!

  3. Yuuuusssssss, love these old magazine scans!

  4. Thanks all! More of these great pages to come, all month long!!