Saturday, September 27, 2014

Countdown to Halloween begins this Wednesday!

Believe it or not, October 1st is but a few short days away. I can hardly believe it myself. I'm mostly prepared for the Countdown to Halloween this year, but I still have a few things I need to wrap up before then. Time to get a move on.

I decided that today I would go ahead & decorate the blog for Halloween, as well as post my schedule for the month. 

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday is More Halloween Ideals!
Remember back in 2012 when I had the Halloween Ideals posts? Well, there's more of that. In 2012, most of the images I shared were from the 1960's. This time around it's the 1950's & the 1970's. I have a few issues missing from the early 50's, due to the fact that I was unable to acquire them. And I think that there may not have been a fall issue one of those years. But nevertheless, there will be an avalanche of fantastic vintage imagery posted here three times a week!! My posts from 2012 are pretty popular on the Pintrest!

Every Tuesday & Thursday it's NEW Halloween Art from me!
Yep! That's NINE whole days, with new art made by yours truly. I actually have 5 of these finished & ready to post. The other 4 are mostly done, I just have some final touches & backgrounds to add.

That's Great, Now What About the Weekends?!
I was trying to come up with some theme for the weekend days, but I decided to keep those open, with the option to not post if I'm not feeling it. So Saturday & Sunday will be very random posts, maybe no post at all. 

So that's it, in a pumpkin shell. Hope that you'll stop by and check out the goods this year!!