Friday, November 13, 2009

Dracula's Daughter

Happy Friday the 13th everybody. I'm getting back to the drawing board now that the Halloween blog mania has started to die down. Or at least I'm not frantically trying to find something to post daily.

I just finished this piece of Countess Zaleska aka 'Dracula's Daughter' from the 1936 film. This was Universal's first sequel to 'Dracula' which starred Bela Lugosi. This time around there was no Dracula or Lugosi to be found. Stepping into the main vampire role was Gloria Holden, who played, well, Dracula's Daughter. Of the Universal Dracula sequels, I actually prefer 'Son of Dracula', but I do like 'Dracula's Daughter'. And the countess presented a unique personality on screen.

I made this sketch several months ago and only last night did I think of how I wanted to execute the final piece. This was an experiment with Illustrator's Gradient tools. I thought it turned out pretty well. She looks very art deco goth!


  1. Love it. The face is perfect!


  2. I like the sketch. You know, this is one flick I have never seen. Always putting it off. Gotta change that!

  3. Thanks!
    Wings, you should check it out sometime. It's also very short. It's running time is around 70 mins

  4. Cool! One of my fave films of the 30's.

  5. I agree - love the flick, and what a kick-ass illustration! Great job. :)