Thursday, November 5, 2009

Guy Fawkes Day

I hope that everyone had a very Happy Halloween. Now that I don't have to post everyday, I'm trying to get back to the drawing board. Since today is November 5th I wanted to share a page from a book that I picked up at the thrift store. The book is from a Childcraft book from 1964. I don't know much about these, they are kind of like a set of encyclopedias for children. The cover says 'The How & Why Library'. This is Vol. 5, Holidays & Customs, and it has lots of great illustrations. This spread talks about Guy Fawkes Day, which is today!
I would like to share some more of these pages in the future & hopefully by then I will have a scanner. Right now I'm having to photograph everything, which is kind of a pain.
Well, Happy Guy Fawkes or Bonfire Night my friends!


  1. I had a set of Childcraft Encyclopedias! I remember this picture too. My favorite was Make and Do, the craft volume.

  2. You know, I wish now that I had picked up some of the other volumes they had at the Thrift Store. They had several others. My purchase was a last minute decision, as I was on my way out & the books were by the exit. I bet the Make & Do one was great!
    I don't ever remember these from when I was a kid, but they smell just like the World Book Encyclopedias my grandparents had. Mmm the memories!

  3. Hope your Hallowe'en was swell my friend! We have another long year to wait now. But if it goes anything like the last year did, then it should fly by at warp speed and Hallowe'en will be here again before we know it. Hope you are well! :o)

  4. Thanks Wens! It feels weird to not be posting (or finding something to post) every day. I can't believe it's over! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!