Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!

Well, Thanksgiving has arrived! The end of the fall/harvest season. Today I will be enjoying MST3K and having a faux turkey roast and a terrific broccoli casserole. My little festive drawing is inspired by two sources.

1) A rare cartoon from 1949 I read about on the Cartoon Brew blog called 'The 3 Minnies: Sota, Tonka, and Ha-Ha'. You can read more about it here. This post was from June of 2007, and sadly the video link no longer works. But I swear that I have seen this when I was a kid. Anyway I fell in love with this still.

and 2) This terrific vintage Thanksgiving greeting card. Last month I posted a link to the Flickr account of a vintage collector riptheskull. He has a terrific collection of vintage Halloween Items, and he also has a great collection of vintage Thanksgiving cards. I really enjoyed looking thru these, some of them seem very Halloween-ish. Here are a few examples:

I also wanted to share this old Ub Iwerks cartoon 'Jack Frost' from 1934. This is one of my favorites to watch around this time of year. I really love the singing Jack o Lanterns & the scarecrow.

Now, that Thanksgiving has arrived tomorrow Christmas will completely take over. Ug! Now, I'm not a Christmas hater. The biggest problem that I have with Christmas is that stores try to push their merchandise earlier & earlier each year. I hate going into a store to look at Halloween stuff, only to find that there is Christmas stuff out as well. And of course between now and the end of the year, I will do everything in my power to stay away from Holiday Shopping areas. But there are things about Christmas that I do like. And I'm thinking about doing a Christmas Countdown of sorts. Or maybe a '25 Things About Christmas that I Like'. So that should be a fun little experiment. Stay Tuned, and hope you all have a great Thanksgiving Day!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Great pic!

    We celebrate Christmas as a month long celebration called Christmastime, since one day is just too short. :)

  2. Thank you! And a happy Christmastime to you!