Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vincent Price Presents...

Hey everybody! I'm very, very busy getting ready to make the journey to Kentucky for this year's Wonderfest. I'm excited and nervous and feeling totally unprepared. I can hardly believe that it's next weekend!! The new issue of Rue Morgue is apparently out, although I haven't received my copy yet (I'm told it's on the way), and the bookstores around here usually don't get them until two weeks into the month. I'm going to hold off posting that piece here, until I actually get the printed magazine in hand.

BUT, I've got more than one Vincent to share this month. In addition to being asked to be part of the Rue Morgue Vincent Price art tribute, I was also asked to be part of 'Vincent Price Presents' art gallery show at Star Clipper Comics in St. Louis, MO. This show is part of the Vincentennial celebration. There will be the most awesome Vincent Price film festival there, May 19-28, with special guests Roger Corman and Victoria Price. I would love to go, but I'll only be there in spirit.

And speaking of spirits, I decided that I wanted my Vincent piece for this gallery show to represent my love for Vincent's ghost story records. I first found a copy of 'A Hornbook for Witches' on vinyl at a local public library when I was about 19. I instantly fell in love with it. I made a tape recording of the record and listened to it over & over. It wasn't until about 5-6 years later that I discovered that there were more (!!!) records of Vincent reading stories of ghosts, witches and the like. I found someone online who was selling burned CDs, and ordered all of them. This was before I discovered the wonderful world of 'sharity blogs', like the amazing 'Scar Stuff' (sadly, no longer with working links). But ordering those discs was money well spent! I listen to them a lot.

The 'Vincent Price Presents' gallery show opened last weekend, and will run through June 29. I have 25 signed & numbered prints that are available at Star Clipper. Before I sent off my art to St. Louis, I took a snapshot of my framed #1.

And here is a 'virtual spin around' of the gallery space (wheee):


  1. I just discovered your blog---wow!
    I love this!
    I live in Louisville, and I'm hoping I can make it to the WonderFest next weekend.
    From one Halloween and old-school monster fan to another, keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Brad! I really appreciate it!
    You should come out to Wonderfest. Lots of really great stuff to see. This will be my third year attending.

  3. Really excellent Belle! I see you're really hitting your stride for color and caricature likeness. I wish I could make it to Wonderfest this yeear, but it's looking doubtful at this time. Knock em...umm dead! :D

  4. Thanks!! We just got back from Wonderfest and we had a really great time! I'll try to get a post up about it soon!

  5. Sorry yo can't be there. Love you piece, it looks great.
    Listening to books is almost the only way for me to get my reading done. They are life savers.

    Horror Art