Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nosferina & Lugosi

As some of you probably already know, last October saw the release of Monsterverse's new anthology comic 'Bela Lugosi's Tales from the Grave'. I really enjoyed the first issue, it was a lot of fun. And I'm really looking forward to the second issue that will be released this summer, with a cover by Rick Baker! You can check for updates on this great new comic series here.

This is a piece of fan art that I did last year, around the time that the first issue was released.

I draw Lugosi a lot. Mainly because I never feel like I 'get' him just right. It's become a goal of mine to draw what I would consider to be the 'perfect' Lugosi. So every couple of weeks, I'll do a bunch of Lugosi sketches. I have a bunch of old horror film books, and I'll use them for reference sometimes. This piece was drawn from a famous promotional photo from 'Dracula' featuring Lugosi and actress Helen Chandler who played 'Mina'. It originally was Lugosi & Chandler that I drew. Then I had the idea that I should draw BLTftG's new female character 'Nosferina', in place of Chandler. I've never been a huge fan of Helen Chandler in the Dracula film, and drawing this new icon seemed like more fun to me. I had a good time creating this piece and I'm pretty happy with my Lugosi here (although I will continue my aim for perfection).

By the way, while Lugosi gives me trouble in drawing, Karloff is fun & easy to do. Peter Cushing too.

I leave you with a trailer for 'Bela Lugosi's Tales from the Grave' #1. Pick one up if you haven't already. And be on the look out for issue #2 coming soon!!


  1. Great piece and love all the artwork in the video.

    Intertwined Lives

  2. Thank you! All the art in the video is from the comic, it's really wonderful.