Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Me!

My birthday was this week. Yay me! Anyway, no big deal, I had to work. I had many well wishers, and one of my favorite artists ever, Pete Emslie, did this sketch of me. I've been a huge fan of his and I've been following his blog The Cartoon Cave for several years now. I love his work so much and was so thrilled by this drawing, I just had to share it. Ok, I'll shut up now, but look how cute I am!

For my birthday, I bought myself a bicycle. So I'll be out trying not to run down pedestrians this weekend.

ALSO... Do you love 'The Lost Skeleton'? Well, I sure do. So much in fact that I would like to host a tribute to 'The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra' and 'The Lost Skeleton Returns Again'. For two weeks in September, it's 'Lost Skeleton Week! And another week!" I'll be doing a few drawings for it, but I'll mostly be playing host. If you're interested in doing something for the tribute, leave a comment below. I'm mostly looking for art, but if you've made costumes or built a transmutitron that you want to share, that would be cool too. It will most likely be the second and third week of September. Then it will be almost time for 'The Halloween Countdown'!


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    jeremy [iZombie]

  2. First off, once again a very happy birthday to you! Hope you had a fantastic day!!!

    Second, I LOVE the Lost Skeleton! That flick was SUCH a blast!!!! Haven't seen the sequel yet, but it's on my list!

  3. First, happy birthday!
    Second, the pic is great!
    Third, don't even try not to run down pedestrians. That's part of the fun of a bike...;)
    Fourth, I'm definitely getting something together for Lost Skeleton weeks; I finally just watched 'em, and they're too good to not get involved. In fact, I'm changing my name to "Jungle Brad".

  4. Happy Birthday my friend! Pete has captured you quite well. Oh, and count me in on the Lost Skeleton Tribute! I can't wait. It will be fun!

  5. I'm interested. let me know what's happening.

  6. That is an excellent rendering of you. Happy Birthday once again!

    Count me in for Lost Skeleton weeks. I'll come up with something, but I hope you don't just host and deprive us of your amazing work.

  7. Lost skeleton of Cadavera week! I;m interested in doing something for the Tribute! let me know what to do!

  8. Thanks everybody! We went camping this weekend so I got to test out the new bike. I've got a lot of work to do if I'm going to climb hills on that thing. It nearly killed me.

    I'm so glad to hear the interest in the LS tribute as well!! It will probably be the second & third week of Sept. probably starting around the 11th and running through the 24th. You can email me what you would like to share along with any links to personal sites/blogs/stores and any commentary you want to add. Send it to I'll be doing one or two things for it, but I will also be doing a lot of prepping for the Halloween Countdown during that time too. Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing your contributions!

  9. Sorry I missed saying "Happy Birthday"!

  10. Hey life has been so freakin' chaotic the last couple of months that I cannot remember if I sent you any birthday wishes. I think I did on Facebook, but since I hardly ever go on there anymore...I can't even be sure of that. If I missed it...I apologize profusely! And either way, I'll send you some belated wishes now. Hope all your B-day wishes come true this year! Love that pic of you and you are super cute! But even's almost that time of year again! Our favorite time! Getting excited as the stores get out all their stuff! :o)

  11. I'd love to do something for the Lost Skeleton tribute! (My schedule allowing) Since I built the original transmutitron and the Mutant costume for the film, maybe I can do some kind of art for the Lost Skeleton Tribute?

    - Cort

  12. Cortney, I'd love for you to submit something. As I just posted, I had to postpone it, but it would be great to have something from you! I've still got the transmutitron plans I printed out from the LSoC Yahoo group awhile back. Some day I will get around to building one!