Friday, August 5, 2011

1940's Vampirella Cover Retake

Okay, let me just vent for a sec here. Originally this post was suppose to be a step by step type deal, where I take you all through the process and try to give a quick lesson in Illustrator. I had a big long post, with some 30 odd pictures to illustrate. I wrote it all out in June and attached the pics. But for whatever reason, the pics were really small and when you clicked on them, they didn't enlarge. Getting that post ready took me a long time so naturally, I was pretty angry. All that work, and I was going to have to go back and re-do all 30 pics. So now it's August, and I thought I should finish that up, re-do the photos. So I did, and it STILL didn't work. Photos were bigger, but you couldn't click on to enlarge. So I'm VERY ANNOYED right now.

This is my version of a Vampirella cover, with a 1940's Belle Dee style Vampi. Maybe some time I'll try the tutorial again.


  1. Sorry to hear about the frustration, Belle. I've heard Blogger has had more than a few issues since the launch of Google+.

    Love the pic, though, the retro Vampi outfit is way cool! :)

  2. Sounds like you are having about as much as me. (see tonight')s post! Sorry to hear that. I hate it when that happens. Then after all that end up with one photo to post. But the bright side is that it's one fangtastic piece of art! Totally love it! :o)

  3. Thanks Strange Kid & Wendy!

    Wendy, I hope that A/C repairman gets there quick before you cook!

  4. Sorry that it's giving you troubles, but the pic is gorgeous!

  5. Thanks Brad! Yes, blogger is being a big pain.

  6. great pic, would have liked to see how you work but I'm cool with seeing the final.

  7. Fangtastic....Nice one, Wendy. :)


    Nice Work! You are good at gestures.

    Sounds like a tremendous amount of time you placed into the tutorial. Perhaps your computer is not cooperating on purpose because it has become consciously aware, and would rather you draw puppy dogs and flowers instead of AWESOME GHOULY CREATURES OF THE NIGHT. Your computers name isn't HAL by any chance? No? Eh, just a theory.

    Love the Vampirella piece!


    "Belle's computer, realizing that Belle was about to unplug it, sent up a WiFi signal into the night and called out for help. It was then embraced by the Sun God...THE GOD OF BLOOD!!!