Friday, February 24, 2012

Re-vamped Harley Quinn

Awhile back I joined a blog/group called 'Art Jumble'. The idea behind is that once a week, a new topic is announced, and artists are invited to submit art that falls under said topic. I contributed a few times, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. I really wanted to begin doing it with some regularity with the turning of 2012. But for reasons unknown to me, the moderator (or moderators) have not updated the topic at the blog for months now. I did want to start doing the monthly challenge over at the Classic Horror Film Board again, but I also wanted to do some other things that were pop culture related, but not necessarily horror. So I began to search around for something that was similar to Art Jumble. What I found was 'The Weekly TAB (Themed Art Blog)'. I've been a member for about a month now, and I finally got my first piece done, right at the last minute. The theme was DC characters re-vamped, so I went with Batman villainess, Harley Quinn. I had several ideas sketched out, and I would have liked to have done more with it, but I was just trying to get in on this topic.

I've got some exciting news to announce soon, and more art on the way. 2012 started out slow, but I'm trying to make up for lost time. Be back soon...


  1. I love this one. Much better than the redesign she has in the current DC comics.

  2. Thanks!! John, I looked for the Harley redesign, but couldn't find one. Unless it's the same as what she wears in the Arkham games, which is pretty trashy. I wanted her to look tasteful.

  3. It's pretty much the same as the game, and I dislike it for the same reason.