Saturday, February 25, 2012


Wow! Three posts, three days in a row! I can hardly believe it's true. Here is an new entry in the 'Monsters & Mates' series I've been doing. The Frankenstein Creature & The Bride. I was so thrilled with the Dracula piece, that I couldn't wait to start on another of these. Overall, I guess I'm okay with the way this one turned out. I was working on it late last night & this morning, and was in serious danger of beginning to hate it. There reaches a point when I'm working on something, that I find stuff I don't like, and I try to change it. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. If it's not working, that usually means I need to go back to the sketch book and re-draw it. I actually started working on this last Sunday. I did the bodies, but decided that the faces I did, weren't working, so I re-drew them. This looks tons better than my original, but I'm still not sure I did enough adjusting.

Well, it is what it is. I can always draw it again.


  1. It's wonderful! Don't change a thing!!!

  2. Thanks! Actually, I've kind of warmed up to it since I've stepped away from it for a week. I'm pretty happy with it. Mummy will most likely be next.