Saturday, October 15, 2011

Boo Berry 2011

For the past few days, we've had the most amazing fall days here. Clear blue skies, mild temperatures, very breezy with the most beautiful fall leaves you could ever see. I've been trying to embrace these fleeting moments, because I know it will be over way too soon. Much like this month. Jeez, where has all the time gone? October is half over!
Anyway, I finally finished up my Boo Berry piece and thought that today was a good day to post it. These fantastic autumn days have been giving me flashbacks to my childhood. I remember on Saturdays like these, getting up and watching cartoons, eating a big bowl of sugary cereal, and then going outside to play all afternoon. Ah, the good ol' days.

Two years ago I drew Count Chocula for the Monster Cereal blog's fan art month. (I'm disappointed to report that the Monster Cereal's blog is no longer available. It was a fun site with all things Monster Cereal related.) I decided that I wanted to do my version of Boo Berry this year. He doesn't necessarily 'go with' my old Count piece, although I suppose he could. One year I'll try to take on all three characters at once and in the same style. My new Boo Berry borrows heavily from the actor, Peter Lorre, who undoubtedly was the inspiration for the original character in the first place.

In addition here's the first ever Boo Berry commercial:

Also: To those of you who may have been worried that I might have Monster Cereal deficiency, never you mind. I've been eating it for the past two weeks!


  1. Very nice! I love the Lorre Boo-Berry ghost! So cool!

  2. Aw...I like that you are having such nice Autumn days up your way. You're SO lucky to live where there is a change in the seasons. I have decided I want to either live in Asheville or somewhere in Virginia. I used to like North Georgia, but the last time I went through there it looked like the economy had taken a toll. Rick could work in his industry, but he probably wouldn't be able to make the same money he makes down here. {sigh}

    Boo Berry is 'Berry' cute...har har! Seriously though, he is! I think my eyes are going to start looking like his soon...ha! Great work as always! :o)

  3. I wish I had access to monster cereals. we haven't had any in my neck of the woods in years.

    also great take on boo berry, he was my favorite when i was a kid.

  4. I just finished my last box of Count Chocula this morning. I'm going to have to run out tomorrow and see if there's any left.

  5. Belle,

    What a great piece! I love BOO-BERRY! He was always my favorite of the Monster Cereals as a kid. You did a really nice job!

    Ahhh yes, Saturday morning cartoons and a big bowl of cereal...The good old days. Out of curiosity, what were some of your favorite Saturday morning cartoons?

  6. Nice take on Peter Lorre/Boo Berry, Belle. :)

    I too noticed that the Monster Cereals site had been closed down, really disappointed about that.

    It would be great to see a triptych done for all 3 monsters (if not all 5), though I definitely like how the colors pop more on Boo Berry here versus Count Chocula.

  7. hola me encanto lo de la naranja mecanica,muy buenas cosas tenes en el blog!

  8. Thank you everyone!!

    Lee, there are probably too many Saturday Morning Cartoons for me to name, I watched a lot. Some were: Scooby-Doo, Heathcliff & Dingbat, The Smurfs, The Biskitts, Trollkins, Shirt Tales, Teen Wolf, Galaxy High, Hong Kong Phooey. And more!!