Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oooh! New Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows!

So I happened to be at Wal-Mart this week and I just happened to see these:

At first I thought 'neat', but I wasn't going to buy them. But then I thought, what the heck, I'll try them out. They're pretty good as far as pumpkin spice flavored food goes. The taste is mild, not too overwhelming, which is nice. But be warned, you might get choked:

Although I must say, I was not seated, nor supervised during said marshmallow tasting. In addition to the 'choking warning' there's a handy little 'Tips & Ideas' feature. Here's some other things you can do with these new mallows.

I already had the idea that I would have some hot chocolate with these, but it is actually one of the suggestions. Still taste just like marshmallows, but with a hint of spice.

I also made microwave s'mores, but the pics didn't turn out. Those were okay. the mild spice of the mallows is kind of lost in the chocolate & graham crackers.

So I like these new flavored mallows. I'm even thinking that I might make some Rice Krispy bars with them.

Me & the husband went out to the movies this afternoon to see 'Captain America'. The theater was all decorated for Halloween and on the way out I took this shot:

When I took it I thought there was too much glare and that it wouldn't be a good photo. There is a lot of glare, but I like that in that glare, you can see the reflection of the fall trees. And that ghoul's face and the fall leaves are both the same mixture of red & green. I thought it was pretty cool. I'll have more original Halloween art coming soon! Keep a look out!


  1. I love it when a picture you just know is going to be bad, turns out to be the best. I hope my Walmart has those mallows....I want some badly!

  2. Thanks for being my unknowing guinea pig! I have been skeptically eyeing those marshmallows, but now I think I will go ahead and get some.

    "Children should always be seated and supervised while eating," - this should be posted in some restaurants...

  3. Hmmm....pumpkin spice marshmellies huh? I would think they'd be good in Cocoa. And maybe using them for rice krispey treats like you said, but adding mini chocolate chips to them. I just love pumpkin and chocolate together for some reason. I wonder if the chitlins would dig 'em? Great find! :o)

  4. Oh you are killing me! I WANT those marshmallows!

  5. If you all can find them, I would definitely pick some up & give them a try. Wendy, I would probably throw in so chocolate chips to the rice krispy treats. I also appreciate the chocolate & pumpkinny flavors mixing.
    merricat, restaurants probably should put up a sign like that. Maybe some people would actually follow it's instructions.

  6. I tried some out over here in Japan and much to my dismay, they were orange and pumpkin shaped but were only marshmallows with no added flavouring whatsoever. Oh well.