Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Almost Final Post of the Lost Skeleton Tribute!

Well, here we are (almost) at the end of the Lost Skeleton Tribute. This post was suppose to be the last, but I'll have one final post tomorrow. Thank you all again for taking part in this. And thank you to those of you who came by and had a look & to those who made comments. Maybe we can do it again next year. I didn't think I would be able to get something done for this tribute myself, but I managed to get a little something done. This is Dr. Ellamy Royne from 'The Lost Skeleton Returns Again'. I really wanted to do a Ranger Brad too, but of course, didn't have time. But Tadeusz Sadowski brings us a wonderful Ranger Brad!

Tadeusz says:
I saw first saw the original Lost Skeleton 6 years ago with my dad at the age of 9 and I've loved it ever since. I drew this picture, because there just wasn't enough Ranger Brad in the first film. Larry Blamire is a great director and writer. I hope of seeing more of his works in the the coming years.

Well said!!

And Shawn Tabor & his son Alex contributed the following pieces.

Shawn says:

Alex and I watched both movies, LS and RLS. He was interested in RLS because Frank Dietz was in it. He had me write Mr. Dietz and tell him to shoot the creature in the eye next time! As for LS he watched it to do a mood thing. I was able to get him to don his "Zoom" costume to do another shoot around the house in the frontyard to play the part of the Alien invaders who come in all shapes and sizes. The models are all amatuer and our friends. I went to a local cemetery for the shoots as I wanted to capture the essence of spookiness and the skulls connection to dark secrets. Numerous photos were taken, each model holding the skull and posing in various costumes. It was a tough choice and I wanted to give each model her spot in the limelight. Other poses and costumes were chosen and good use was made of various props for the surrounding story. The ladies endured blistering heat and swarms of mosquitos. Some photos were from shoots last year, also shot during a heat wave. The photo of Viaden Castle was taken when I was serving in Europe in 1985. I manipulated the photos to achieve the look I wanted and then used the collage technique to "tell the tale." Alex helped me to select his photos. The space ship is a model superimposed over a background inspired by a similar photo. The Skull is a digital forensic skull used in solving crimes. However, it is the models who bring the skull to life and I would like to thank Alex, Michelle, Lori, LeaAnn,Sam and Dana for enduring the blistering heat and making the posters what they are!

Thanks to Shawn, Alex & Co. for all your hard work!


  1. Time is my constant foe. I'd planned to make collages of all the characters when I started, but alas I was foiled. Yours was worth waiting for, Belle. I've enjoyed the entire tribute; seeing the wide range of styles and media, and the overall enthusiasm for the wonderful movies. I would do this again next year should time and I sign some sort of truce, or form an alliance.

  2. A truly hilarious and beautifully done Ellamy, Belle! It's so great to have a new BD piece represented. Awesome.

    I really like Tadeusz' Ranger Brad-about-get-it. It's nice to see a little peek of what we never get to see.

    Shawn, Alex and all; these posters might be the most different offerings in this tribute. What unique reconceptualizations these are. Just amazing. Well done!

  3. How nice to see the lovely Dr. Royne and the lovely Ranger Brad represented here. Shawn and Alex: those impressionistic collages are terrific.

  4. ok, so I just realized that my comments on facebook are not "magically" appearing here...I'm SO computer savvy...NOT!, I COMMENT NOW!

    these are really cool...Belle, I love the Ellamy one...fabulous! and these posters are so cool...such a fun perspective...and, Ranger Brad must be very proud..super cool! Rowr, Jen Blaire

  5. Belle, Awesome piece! The show wouldn't be complete without a 'work of art' from you. Well Done!

    Tadeusz....nice work on Ranger Brad!

    Shawn and posters!

  6. Fantastic!!! Thank you Belle! It has been a real joy seeing all the wonderful contributions. And of course, I Love your Dr. Ellamy Royne! All the Best, Trish Geiger