Thursday, November 10, 2011

Artist Lee Copeland's Lost Skeleton Tribute

Boy, oh Boy! The fantastic art just keeps coming! Today's piece is by another super talented artist, Lee Copeland. Look at all that 'Lost Skeleton' action! I can feel the atmospherium. If you would like to see more of Lee's work, please visit his website. He's also got a brand new Facebook page that you can 'like'. Lee is also a 'Little Shoppe of Horrors' contributor, with his work appearing in the most recent issue featuring Roman Polanski's film 'Dance of the Vampires' or 'The Fearless Vampire Killers'.

I'd like to take a minute again, to thank all of you who have taken part in this tribute so far. Due to last minute planning on the part of my employers, it turns out that I will have to work this weekend (which was NOT, part of my schedule). But, luckily, I'll be able to prepare blogs to post at a certain time daily, as I did for this past Mon-Wed. Still lots of great stuff to come, and I'm still expecting a few things to roll in. So keep checking back!


  1. Holy moley! An exskelaganza! Terrific, Lee.

  2. Thanks Larry! I had a blast creating it. I love The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra. I've seen it many times, and I enjoy your quick wit. You are quite the talent, sir.

    Also, special thanks to Belle Dee for all the kind words. I think she is a super-talented artist as well, and a very gracious host.

  3. Wow, two of my favorite artists on one site...Belle Dee and Lee Copeland. It doesn't get much better than that.


  4. Thanks Frank! Very nice of you to say.

  5. Man this Lee Copland character is a pretty amazing artist!

  6. Swell design and color, Lee! I WILL be checking back!