Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Make Your Own 'Lost Skeleton Returns Again' Horrific Skeletal Mind-Power Hypno-Mini Skull!

Check that this super cool paper craft out that comes to us today from none other than Cortney Skinner! You can see some of Cortney's handy work in 'The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra', itself, as he built the transmutitron & and the Mutant costume for the film! I'm thinking I might make a couple of these for my Christmas tree.

If you've never been to the official website of 'The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra', you should definitely check it out. Especially Skinner's 'Virtual Skelectables'. There are some super fun Lost Skeleton items to check out like this fan club certificate:

There's much more, so go check it out!! Also, check out more of Cortney's illustrations and designs on his website, Cortney Skinner, Illustration.

Pictured below, Man! & Mutant!


  1. Ha! I just love reading those instructions. "Zygomatic arch" has never been funnier.

  2. Cortney, well done, Sir! I went to your website and perused through your illustrations and paintings....good stuff!

    Belle, I think you are right, these would make great Christmas Tree decorations!

  3. Love the Hypno-Mini Skull! Who wouldn't love a Hypno-Mini anything really? Great to see Cort's fantastic stuff represented here!

    I fold now!