Monday, November 21, 2011

Lost Skeleton Cut-Paper Collages from John Rozum

Today we have three wonderful cut-paper art pieces from John Rozum. From top to bottom we have: 'Animala: Queen of the Jungle', followed by 'Animala' & 'The Lost Skeleton'.

John Rozum is best known for writing supernatural themed comics aimed at adults such as XOMBI, MIDNIGHT, MASS., THE X-FILES, and THE HANGMAN featured in THE WEB, or for writing supernatural themed comics for children such as SCOOBY-DOO or THE SECRET SATURDAYS in CARTOON NETWORK ACTION PACK. He's written many other comics as well as magazine articles, television episodes and even trading cards. He's also had several of his cut-paper works in some of the group shows at Gallery 1988 including 'Crazy for Cult 5' & the Pee-Wee Herman tribute show.

You can see John's online portfolio at Flickr. To see more work from John and see what he's up to, you can also visit his blog John


  1. Next you'll be telling us there's collages

    Okay, this is pretty staggering. John, these are wonderful, way clever. Wow. It seems like each subsequent piece is completely different than anything before. Such a fantastic collection this is turning into.

    By the way, Brian Howe hasn't posted here, but has expressed how thrilled and amazed he is by all this great work. Jen also, if I didn't already say that. We are just in awe. That's all. Awe.

  2. The Doomed Farmer is in awe, too. Couldn't be more in awe if Matisse had cut these collages himself. Wonderful!

  3. John, very creative! The foliage is particularly impressive!