Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Wolf Man & Wonderfest

Hello again! Well, here it is FINALLY. The fifth and final piece in this 'Monsters & Mates' series I've been doing. This piece has probably been the hardest to do of the five. You can't even imagine how many drafts it's been through. I think I began doing sketches of this before I started sketching the Dracula piece. I finally figured out how I wanted to pose these two and came to what I felt was a passable resemblance of the characters. Over all I'm pleased, but would have loved to have had more time to tinker with it. However, these pieces were suppose to be quick, easy, fun & simple, so it probably best I don't mess with it too much. This is the most successful Wolf Man piece I've done, and hey, it's also my FIRST Wolf Man final piece. I've been doing sketches for years saying, 'I need to do a Wolf Man'. Well, it did finally get done, in order to complete this circle of 5. If you missed the others you can follow the links to see Creature from the Black Lagoon, Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Mummy. The Mummy is my personal favorite of the bunch, but I thought they all came out alright. There will be a second series of these. My plans are to do 'Dracula's Daughter', 'Son of Dracula', 'The Black Cat', 'Werewolf of London' and ?? Don't know just yet what the fifth will be. I'm still trying to decide.

Wonderfest is coming up fast! This time next week, I'll be getting ready to head up to Kentucky for a jam-packed weekend! So much to do, so many people to see, so little time. I'm still trying to prepare stuff for the show, so I've got to get back to work. Sometime this weekend, I'm going to try to squeeze in some movie time. Am I the only person who hasn't seen 'The Avengers' movie yet? I'm going to try to go see that and the Tim Burton 'Dark Shadows' movie (no, I still have not been). Despite all the poor reviews, I've heard from people that I like & trust their opinion, that it's really not all that bad. Even if it's terrible it's going to look pretty & has Alice Cooper in it. I will report back with my own opinion when I go. ALSO: I have an special post dedicated to my favorite pieces that were submitted to the DeviantArt Dark Shadows contest last month. I entered for kicks, but did not win (you can read about me entering the contest in this update). I watched the entries come in almost daily and from what I saw, I picked my 10 top ten favorite entries. They are really awesome, and I can't wait to share them with you.


  1. I love this. I think you captured them quite well. I'm sure someone will nitpick and point out that Evelyn Ankers was a redhead, but I think she comes across quite nicely.

    The Mummy is my favoritein this series as well. You should tackle PHantom of the Opera and The Man Who Laughs.

    Have fun at Wonderfest. Hopefully I'll make it there some year.

  2. I think you knocked this one right out of the park!!! I love how you accentuated the almost pompadour hair style Wolfie has in the original flick!

    I really am hard pressed to pick a favorite from amongst these. The Mummy is fairly stunning, but I love the designs you used on Drac and Frank. I'll just pick Creature, since he's my favorite monster! Really, they're all fantastic pieces!

  3. Thank for the comments & compliments!! I'm glad you both like it!!

    John, I'd love to see you at Wonderfest sometime! And about the Evelyn Ankers: I didn't really know what color her hair was. I feel like the blonde is passable though, because on the movie poster, she's pictured as a blonde. I could have researched it, but I'm lazy (Ha! Ha!) Also I would have had to changed the background color & I didn't want to do that. It had already been planned for months that red-orange was the background color for this one. I'm not going to worry too much about it. Apparently Lugosi's cape lining was never red either. Originally these were not suppose to resemble the movie characters so closely. It was more about just doing general classic monsters & girls. Then I got all carried away.

    Phantom would be good, so would Man Who Laughs. I'd like to maybe do a series of silent film characters sometime. Keep trying to do a Nosferatu, but I'm never happy with my sketches of him.

  4. Wonderful, my favorite would have to be Dracula & Mina, I love your Lugosi portrayals (I've been using college research time to go back through your posts) and think you're very close to that perfection you're striving for (if that you haven't reached it already).
    I just thought I'd give you a link to a fantastic reference picture site in case you don't know it;
    You can find HUGE pictures of Lugosi, Karloff, Lorre, Price and virtually any other actor/actress from that era. I figured you might be able to use it.
    Oh! And please, do The Invisible Man, that would be boss.

  5. Thanks Miss Baron!
    YES! I have used Doctor Marco's site for many photo references, that site has lots of great useful photos.
    The Invisible Man will most likely be part of the new set. I've been having so much fun doing these, I'm looking forward to diving into the next batch.