Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Foodage: Oh My God, Look at all the Junk Food...

Sorry, no official food post today kids. I did make some vegan 'clam' chowder & these cake like balls called 'Pumpkin Poppers' but no photos. I'm feeling pretty run down, like I might be coming down with the flu. Goody.


  1. Hiya Belle,
    I really enjoy your blog. It is a nice break from all the monotony these days and it's also very inspirational. My family and I like the Halloween junk food when it becomes available. Especially the pumpkin delights from Little Debbie! Maybe a little nap (if you have the time) and some orange juice will perk ya up. Hope you are well and I look forward to your next entry!! :)

  2. Hope you feel better. Very interested in the vegan clam chowder!


  3. Thanks all!! I'm feeling a bit better. Hopefully I'll be fully recovered soon. :p