Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween 'Grab Bag': Mad Monster Party Art Show

So, I've been busy this weekend trying to get caught up on things I've needed to do, as well as preparing stuff for next week's post. So I don't really have much for today. Plus as far as Halloween happenings, nothing is happening except I'm spending WAY to much time sitting at a computer. 

But if you live in or near Sherman Oaks, CA, you might want to head out to Van Eaton Galleries for the opening of their Mad Monster Party group art show. Unfortunately, I live much too far away to attend, but it was great to see some of the pieces for the show on the Van Eaton website.

Here's just a sample:


 Gris Grimly

 Charlie Chiodo

Ovi Nedelcu

There are more fantastic pieces to be seen on the Van Eaton site, including work by Bob Lizarraga, Tara Billinger, Ben Von Strawn, Zach Bellissimo and more!


  1. The Mad Monster Party group art show makes me wish I lived closer to California too. The art pieces you posted are all very cool. I will have to pop in the DVD of MMP this weekend for the family to watch. Gruesomely groovy, baby. :)

  2. This is when we all need teleportation devices. Or a personal TARDIS (what is the plural for TARDIS? TARDI? TARDISES?).

    Thanks for the heads up. By the way, in case I've never commented before and just lurked, love the blog and love your work. Happy Halloween :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, looking at these made me want to re-watch MMP. It's about time for it too!
    Not sure what the plural for Tardis is. Where is the Doctor when you need him?