Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween: You deserve a break today...

So, I wanted to work up a new piece of art for today, but it didn't happen. I've been sick with stuffy head, cold stuff and I had to run some errands today. I also needed to do some cleaning in the kitchen and I really wanted to watch some 'League of Gentlemen'. I watched season one, then decided to watch part of Warlock. I love this movie, and back in the day, I must have watched it like a thousand times, because I remembered most of the dialogue. It also triggered my love for Richard E. Grant.

But there will one more art piece to come, as soon as I figure out what it should be.


  1. "Take the pages if you're able!"

  2. WARLOCK! Biting off and spitting that guys tongue into the frying pan haunts me to this day.

    Feel better soon :)

  3. Feel better, Belle. Your art is always worth waiting for, so I'll be happy to see it whenever you are ready.

    I've never seen Warlock, which seems unlikely since it seemed to be on cable all the time way back when. I'll have to add it to my list.

  4. I loved this movie too! Saw it in the theatre and went home enamored with both Grant and Sands. :)

  5. I think you should do a Warlock piece!