Friday, October 2, 2009

Artists I Love: Ragnar

No, I can't take credit for these wonderful pieces, but the artist is one of my favorites and a big inspiration to me. I discovered the works of Ragnar about 8 years ago, when I used to hover around a certain internet message board for artists. I think a lot of the artists there were animators or comic book illustrators working in the field. I loved to go there and look around, even though I was too shy to participate. Well, I started seeing these wonderful pieces posted by Ragnar & I LOVED them. Some of the first pieces I saw of his was a series featuring a classic monster with a sexy girl. He released his art book 'Chromaphile' in 2005 and I am sad to say, I let that one slip thru my fingers. I had it on my Amazon list, but never got around to ordering it. Now it's out of print. But then came his next book 'Vernaculis'. Contained within these pages is the wonderfully delightful Halloween inspired pieces for a set entitled 'Phantomime'. These are just a few samples from that series.

If you want to see more from 'Phantomime', or any of Ragnar's other non-Halloween works, please visit his web site Also in his gallery, you can go to 'archives' and see the monster & girl pieces that won my heart so many years ago.

Here are two other pieces that are not in the 'Phantomime' gallery, but are great Halloween pieces. This first piece is suppose to be included in an upcoming book entitled 'One Eyeota'

And this piece I just happened to come across this evening. I got really excited because I've never seen this one before. There is a print available from the Wonderful World of Animation Art Gallery for $250 smack-a-roos. Good thing they have a layaway plan!! As much as I would love to have a print, I hope that this one will turn up in a book, sometime in the future.

A modified version of Ragnar's 'Night Without End' appears in his book 'Symptomatica'. ALSO! Ragnar is planning to release a Halloween book sometime in 2010!!! This is very exciting news, like a dream come true!


  1. These are all so fabulous. I especially love the last one with the witch and cat! You always find the greatest art stuff to share...thank you for this wonderful post. I want to go check out more on his website. Of course you and Shag are still my favorite artists, but this guy comes in a close 3rd! Have a great weekend Belle! :o)

  2. awesome, thanks for the info... and art!