Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sing Cats Sing!

So this is a bit of a cheat post. These cats were part of another composition I was working on that just wasn't coming together, and I knew I wouldn't have it done by Halloween. So I just did floating cat heads. It still looks pretty cute.

Next week I will be away until Friday, but I am going to try and make pre-posts for all of next week. I wish that I had more time to work on my unfinished art pieces before the end of the month but it looks like that's not going to happen. I can't believe Halloween is less than a week away.

Well, hopefully, I will have everything up & ready for next week before the day is through and I hope that everyone has a wonderful week.

Also I know I haven't had a chance to respond to my comments, and I probably won't get to that until after Halloween. But thank you for posting feedback, and I WILL get to it, I promise!


  1. There's another reason I just discovered why I love your art so much Belle (I mean besides it being brilliant) it's the color ORANGE!!! Halloween notwithstanding I just love orange (well maybe not enough to have had it the color of my first car way back when - - an Orange Ford Pinto got old pretty quick).
    Your cats can sing & swing...and they're not even "stray."

  2. These are great! I posted a vintage looking kitty today too. But these would be great on those big display boards at Target. You know, the ones that I've tried to get them to give me at the end of the season forever, yet they never will! Your stuff should be there. It's clean, it's cute, it's colorful. It would translate well to all sorts of products. Maybe I should just quit photography and be your rep...ha! But these! :o)

  3. Cheat post or not, I love the kitties!

  4. Your kitties are spectacular!!! ^_^

  5. Thanks merricat & Broom Hilda! I'm glad you all like my kitties!

    Rogueevolent, Thank you! Yes, orange is a great color indeed! In Halloween & everyday life. I want to paint my kitchen orange but I'm not sure my husband likes that idea. It seems that when I'm out shopping, anything orange (or anything in a 1970's color palette) draws me like a moth to a flame!

    Wens, many thanks!! I probably do need a rep, but I don't think you should quit photography, you're too good at it.