Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween's Past

I have to make an educated guess on the year, as I don't have the photos in front of me

1976. The Pink Princess.

1978. (But I don't think this was my actual costume).

1979. I wish I still had this thing.

1984. The Red Princess. A jump in years here
from the 70's to the 80's.

You know, I'm quite disappointed that my family didn't take more photos of me at Halloween when I was growing up. It's really a shame too, because most years, my grandmother made my costumes. I'm also disappointed that I'm not better prepared for this post. I actually still have 2 of the costumes that my grandmother made, and was going to photograph my little sister wearing them. Unfortunately, my timing didn't work out and I most likely won't get to shoot the photos until after Halloween. Oh well, I can always use them for the countdown next year.


  1. That's the spirit!
    Always leave them waiting for more.
    Thanks for sharing what you have.

    be thankful that you have at least those...

  2. Aw...these are great! How lucky you were to have a relative that could sew costumes. I'd have given anything for that! Thanks for sharing these, they are retro fab! :o)

  3. Raven176, oh believe me, I'm thankful. I'm glad I have these!

    Wens, I must say, it was awesome having grandma make stuff for me. I wish I were able to do that for myself now. I can sew a little, but it's a chore sometimes to figure out patterns!