Monday, October 19, 2009

Dancing Skeletons

Here is a couple of cartoons that feature dancing skeletons. And who doesn't like that?

First up, the granddaddy of all dancing skeleton cartoons,

'Skeleton Dance' from 1929

Next Mickey Mouse is forced to play the organ for a group of dancing skeletons in 'Haunted House' also from 1929.

Flip the Frog finds himself in a similar situation as Mickey in 1932's 'Spooks'. Only the head skeleton of the house seems to have a more sinister plan in store for Flip.

And finally it's back to the graveyard for a 'Skeleton Frolic' (1937). This is very similar to 'Skeleton Dance' with good reason. They were both directed by the great Ub Iwerks.


  1. Superb videos...LOVE these, thanks for posting them for all to see! :o)

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  3. Thanks! I really love these as well. Just a few of my favorite things.