Thursday, October 15, 2009

My purchase this evening...

Let me just say, World Market is Awesome! I'll have some more (and better) Halloween merch photos up soon but I just got this guy & I'm so excited. I normally don't like to buy glittered things because glitter get everywhere. But had to have this. It's the monocle. I love his monocle!
If you haven't been to World Market to look for Halloween stuff, I recommend that you do. Ours didn't have a ton of stuff, but what they did have was pretty cool. We saw lots of stuff that we are either going to try to go back out and get soon or wait till Nov 1st and clean up what's left.


  1. I like him! Did you ever make up to Hobby Lobby? I should go back there, they must everything out by now, and probably putting a lot of it on sale too.

  2. I did not make it to Hobby Lobby yet. I'm hoping that I can go next Thursday. I'm crossing my fingers, because I would really like to go.