Monday, October 5, 2009

I really love finding old b & w cartoons that have a spooky theme. I've been trying to catalog them at my other blog Oh! So Spooky, but I've been so busy, devoting most of my time to this blog. Well, since it's Halloween, I'm going to post some of the cartoons that I've found & added to my collection. YouTube can be awesome sometimes!! These are 3 very early animated shorts 'Ko-Ko's Haunted House' (1928), 'Felix the Ghost Breaker' (1923) and 'Alice's Spooky Adventure' (1924).

Koko's Haunted House - A bit of live action & animation

Felix the Ghost Breaker - This can also be downloaded here for free at the Internet Archive

Alice's Spooky Adventure - Some more live action, combined with animation

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