Sunday, October 4, 2009

"So, okay I ain't the Avon Lady..."

I love Halloween specials!! This month I have taken the opportunity to do some pieces based around some of my favorite Halloween specials. Some you may know, others you may not. My first piece for the month is the Witch or Fairy Godmother, from 1978's 'Witch's Night Out'. A brother & sister go out trick or treating and fail to scare any of the adult with their costumes. So they call on a witch (voiced by the very funny Gilda Radner) to turn them into real creatures of the night. All begins simply enough, but eventually things get out of control. I used to watch this one on The Disney Channel every year & the VHS tape is part of my collection.

I would also like to take this time to direct you to another blog, Halloween This site had many listings for Halloween TV specials, along with descriptions, photos and sometimes video. In fact, you can watch and/or download 'Witch's Night Out' here.


  1. Ha Ha....this is GREAT! I agree, Avon Lady she is NOT! But totally cool she is! I would love to watch this show. I will have to check out your link. You always have the low down on all the Hallowe'en goods...that's just one of the many reasons I like you so much! Keep em' coming! :o)

  2. You should watch it if you get a chance. It's very 70's. And it's pretty funny. Has a great message too.