Thursday, June 23, 2011

Adventures in Polyester...

Not horror related, unless of course the idea of polyester bell bottoms frighten you. They don't frighten me.
I actually love 70's fashion. I have this great book that I picked up at a book warehouse a few years ago called '70's Fashion Fiascos'. Most of the photos are taken from catalogs from the 1970's.

It's a great book. Last fall, I picked up this book and started doing some sketching from it. Mostly for drawing exercise/practice, and I thought it would be fun. I did a few drawings, but at the time, didn't really have the time to put them into 'final processing'. This past week, I picked up the book again and did some more sketches from it. And tonight, I thought that I would just finish up one, just to see. I'm pretty happy with it, and it didn't take me that long to do. So I will probably end up doing a series of these. Watch out.

If you want to experience some real 70's internet fun, I highly suggest you check out 'Plaid Stallions'. It's awesome!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Queen of Blood!

I've never really been a big sci-fi watcher, I'm more of the gothic horror type. But over at the Classic Horror Film Board, this month's challenge was 'Aliens'. So I decided to spend some time watching some 50s-60s sci-fi films in the possible hopes of being inspired to draw something from them. I watched 'Angry Red Planet', 'Planet of the Vampires', 'Invaders from Mars', and this one, 'Queen of Blood'. I really enjoyed watching all these movies, and I've got some more lined up to watch later. Check out the trailer:

I now have prints for sale!! Check the bar underneath my blog header for a link to my available prints. Some of these will be 'retired' and not reprinted once they are gone. These include: 'Mummy Trouble' (Hammer's Mummy), 'Alone' (Frankenstein's Creature), 'Trip to the Moon', 'Reptile!', 'Gorgon!', and 'Love on Skull Island' (King Kong).